This railroad operated about 30 miles of track in New York and Pennsylvania.  The main line ran 26 miles from Carrollton, NY near Salamanca to Gilesville, PA.  The Bradford Branch ran from Bradford to Nusbaum, PA, a distance of about 5 miles.

The Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad was incorporated on October 7, 1852 for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad from Buffalo to a connection with the Allegany Valley Railroad at the New York-Pennsylvania state line. The Buffalo and Bradford Railroad was incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania on March 14, 1856 to construct a railroad from the state line to the coal mines in Lafayette Township.  It also had the rights to construct branches and to intersect with the Sunberry and Erie Railroad and the Allegheny Valley Railroad.  The two companies merged on February 26, 1859 to form the Buffalo, Bradford and Pittsburgh Railroad.

The Buffalo, Bradford and Pittsburgh Railroad was leased to the Erie Railroad on January 6, 1866 for period of 499 years.  It was most commonly known as the Bradford Branch of the Erie.

An 1895 stock certificate
An undated stock in the Buffalo, Bradford and Pittsburgh Railroad


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